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   “Live-View” is definitely a cool gathering place for guests to view the latest and greatest Classic Selfies  photos! Our live-view monitor serves two purposes.

   1) Guests waiting outside the booth can see a “live” real-time display of what’s happening on the inside.
   2) The monitor can switch into screen-saver mode and has the capability of showing a dynamic slideshow of the event photos.    

   ​- $150

The iPad Social Media Station:
   ​The iPad station serves two purposes.

   1) It shuttles guests away from inside the booth, therefore, there are no more long lines waiting to take your picture.
   2) With the popularity of social media, guests have the ability to view all of the event pictures, edit/delete, and instantly send them to Facebook,    

          Twitter, or email.
  - $150

 Scrap Book:  
 We use premium scrap books with quality heavy paper, bright metallic colored pens so your guests can leave a copy of their photostrip and a fun 
message just for you! Your choice of white or black pages. This will be given to you at the end of your event.​  - $150

Up Lighting: 
   Includes up to four up-lighting paxs placed to accent the area and bring your event to the next level of atmosphere with your color  choice to match your theme.  - $150

Photostrip Frames: 
   L-shaped frames to display your photostrips.  - Set of 25 (2x6) for $25. 

Photostrip Magnets: 
   Frames for your photostrips to put on ...you guessed it..the fridge! They are great way to display to display and preserve your     
   photostrips! - 
Set of 25 (2x6) for $25.​

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